Aching Love

A video work of Xiaotong Jiang

52 Hertz.

A video work of Xiaotong Jiang.

 ”Xún Cháng” (Ordinary) reflects how interior decor reflects the hope and history of society and reality in the homes of Chinese. As the title suggests, all of the subjects are ordinary altars or decorations which may be ignored in daily life but when photographed, their hidden nature inside the silent scenes stands out, which is something always there—something called home.

<The Forgotten Toys>.

 This is a series of photographs named <The Forgotten Toys>. The photographs capture a group of toys abandoned outside at night. When I found these toys standing lonely under the sprinklers and bright street lamps, I felt a connection between them and me.

    Growing up in China’s 1990s, I received a strict paternalistic education. Because of my family’s strained financial circumstance and my parents’ strong wish for me to always study, I had few toys and few chances to step out of our small apartment to play with other children. To me, childhood is something I never thought of as sweet.

    By photographing, I intend construct an atmosphere of dream and memory. The absence of children and sunlight, the toys left outside, and the rain-like sprayers, drag me back to fifteen years ago, when there was a girl, standing, solitary, in the windows, and silently watching the playground in tears.

<A Nomad’s Prose>. Postcard works.

<The Window>.

For me, taking photographs is never objective. What echoes in my heart makes me see the world. Feelings linger, embedding themselves into my photographs, turning my photography into a subjective reflection.

Solitude occupies me after my migration to the U.S.. I fail to integrate into this brave new world, as if there’s a window between me and the world, transparent but veiled by the rain. I can never see clearly, nor can I get out.

Portraits in Beijing.

Some photos about Buddhism. Young people are gradually into this historical religion.

My Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement) works.

<Senior Year> is the drama directed and wrote by myself. This drama tells three stories about the future, love and dream of senior year undergrad students, in which these female characters try to struggle out from the confusion and dilemmas, and finally grow up.

We used nearly one year to produce it, and won the championship of Drama Star competition in China.

Some video sequences can be found below:

"What made me see the watering of the horses as I did was my own loneliness."

Alfred Stieglitz